Randi L. Rashkover
George Mason University

The engagement between Scriptural Reasoning (SR) and music is a new development.  In June, 2012, some thirty Scriptural Reasoners gathered for a week at University of Virginia, Eastern Mennonite University, and George Mason University to study scriptural texts and also listen to music composed by Oded Zehavi in response to the texts studied.  The weeklong study session combining scriptural and musical response  provided an occasion  to experiment further with the work of Scriptural Reasoning. In response, I  decided to write down individual reflections to the study sessions and music  shortly after the week was over and   invite two participants to respond to my initial comments.  What follows is the folding together of this process in a written composition – which, in large measure, applies the work of Scriptural Reasoning and music to further examination.

Musical Score for Oded Zehavi’s “Psalm 42”

Musical Recording of Oded Zehavi’s “Psalm 42”

Hebrew Text of Psalm 42 with NRSV Translation