Vol. 14, No. 2 (December 2015): Philosophy and Theology

Jacob Goodson

Associate Editor
Simeon Zahl

Managing Editor
Ashley Tate

Founding Editor
Peter Ochs

Jacob L. Goodson, Southwestern College

Philosophers Read Scripture

Gathering the Wild Fruits of Scripture: Thoreau’s Philosophical Reading
Willie Young, Endicott College

Echoes of Scripture in Josiah Royce’s The Problem of Christianity
Bill Elkins, Drew University

The Impossibility of Complacency: Scripture in the Life and Work of Jane Addams
Ann W. Duncan, Goucher College

Philosophers Address Theological Questions 

Said Nursi’s Analysis on the Exegetical Significance of the Divine Names (asmȃ al-ḥusnȃ) in the Qur’an
Ozgur Koca, Claremont School of Theology

The Meaning of Scripture in the Thought of Emmanuel Lévinas
Hanoch Ben-Pazi, Bar Ilan University

Philosophical Theology After Hegel

‘Pairs’ and Other Patterns in Hegel’s Logic
Mark Randall James, University of Virginia

Adams, Hegel, and Transcendental Reflection upon the Word 
Randi Rashkover, George Mason University

Nicholas Adams and G. W. F. Hegel on God, Community, and the Endurance of Difference
Molly Farneth, Haverford College

Pairs: A Response to Rashkover, Farneth, and James
Nicholas Adams, University of Birmingham

 Theology in the Modern University

The State of the Secular University: A Critical Review of Recent Theological Proposals
Jacob L. Goodson, Southwestern College

Educational Definitions for Scriptural Reasoning: Learning, Understanding, and Dialogue
Matthew Vaughan, Union Theological Seminary

Book Reviews on Islamic Philosophy and Quranic Exegesis

Review of Isra Yazicioglu’s Understanding the Qur’anic Miracle Stories in the Modern Age
Shifa Amina Noor, University of Virginia

Review of J. Scott Bridger’s Christian Exegesis of the Qur’ān: A Critical Analysis of the Apologetic Use of the Qur’ān in Select Medieval and Contemporary Arabic Texts
Thomas E. Phillips, Claremont School of Theology

Book Reviews on Jewish Hermeneutics, Jewish Philosophy, Jewish Theology

Review of Steven Bob’s Go to Nineveh
Alan T. Levenson, University of Oklahoma

Review of Steven Kepnes’s The Future of Jewish Theology
Murray J. Haar, Augustana University

Review of Kavka et al, The Cambridge History of Jewish Philosophy, Volume 2: The Modern Era
Jacob L. Goodson, Southwestern College