Sura 10:96-100 (trans. Muhammad Asad)

(96) Verily, they against whom thy Sustainer’s word [of judgment] has come true will not attain to faith – (97) even though every sign [of the truth] should come within their ken – until they behold the grievous suffering [that awaits them in the life to come].

(98) For, alas, there has never yet been any community that attained to faith [in its entirety,] and thereupon benefited by its faith, except the people of Jonah. When they came to believe, We removed from them the suffering of disgrace [which otherwise would have befallen them even] in the life of this world, and allowed them to enjoy their life during the time allotted to them.

(99) And [thus it is:] had thy Sustainer so willed, all those who live on earth would surely have attained to faith, all of them: dost thou, then, think that thou couldst compel people to believe, (100) notwithstanding that no human being can ever attain to faith otherwise than by God’s leave, and [that] it is He who lays the loathsome evil [of disbelief] upon those who will not use their reason?”