Vol. 4, No. 1 (July 2004): The Wisdom of Job


General Editors
William Elkins, Drew University
Willie Young, King’s College, Pennsylvania

Associate Editor
Kurt Richardson, McMaster University

Guest Editor
Susannah Ticciati, University of Cambridge

Founding Editor
Peter Ochs, University of Virginia


Convergence and Divergence: Differing Jobs
Susannah Ticciati, University of Cambridge


Affliction, Patience and Prayer: Reading Job (p) in the Qur’an
Isra Umeyye Yazicioglu, University of Virginia

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi’s Scriptural Approach to the Problem of Evil
Yamine Mermer, Indiana University

The Goodness of Job’s Bad Arguments
Nicholas Adams, University of Edinburgh

“Suffering Job”: Scriptural Reasoning and the Problem of Evil
William Wesley Elkins, Drew University

Reasoning with Violent Scripture: With a Little Help from Job
Edward Kessler, University of Cambridge

Extending the Circle of Study: Job and Scriptural Reasoning in the Undergraduate Setting
William J. Heckner and Willie Young, King’s College


Job, Debate, and the Shaping of Lives
Susannah Ticciati, University of Cambridge