Vol. 4, No. 2 (October 2004): The Image of God


General Editors
William Elkins, Drew University
Willie Young, King’s College, Pennsylvania

Associate Editor
Kurt Richardson, McMaster University

Guest Editor
Mark Ryan, University of Virginia

Founding Editor
Peter Ochs, University of Virginia

Editorial Assistant
Patrick Lyons, King’s College, Pennsylvania


Images of Scriptural Reasoning
Willie Young, King’s College


Adam/Eve: From Rabbinic to Scriptural Anthropology
Steven Kepnes, Colgate University

Imago Dei: Anthropological and Christological Modes of Divine Self-Imaging
Kurt Anders Richardson, McMaster University

Image of God: A Note on the Scriptural Anthropology
Muhammad Suheyl Umar, Iqbal Academy


Response to the Papers by Kepnes, Richardson and Umar
David Ford, Cambridge University

Image of God: Scriptural Anthropology: A Response to the Papers
Daniel W. Hardy, Cambridge University

Augustine On What Adam and Eve Signify: A Brief Response to Steve Kepnes
Chad Pecknold, Cambridge University

Eve Leaves Eden
Kris Lindbeck

Philosophical/Scriptural Anthropology: A Commentary on Kepnes’ “Adam/Eve”
Mark Ryan, University of Virginia

Reproducing the Image: A Reflection Following the Meeting of the Society for Scriptural Reasoning, November 2003
Rachel Muers, University of Exeter