Eve Leaves Eden

Kris Lindbeck

We’ll never see God again
walking on the breeze of evening
And argue whether the Eternal beauty
Is more like him or me

I’m wearing the dead skin of my sister Ewe
I weep for her, but not myself

The Holy One gave us a hoe
And two flint knives
A grinding stone and a spindle
A winnowing basket and a needle
A carrying bag
And a strap that’s hurting my forehead

Adam’s walking in front
With the spear

The Lionesses hate us now
And brother Leopard haunts the shadow
Ram and He-goat will be his slaves now
And not his playmates

I feel such painful tenderness for him
I never contradict
Though he calls me Mother of all living
And I know I’m not

Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh
He’s making the best of it

We’ll never hear the angels anymore
And learn their wisdom

Only voices call before us
Remote to vanishing
“Make way for the image of God”
“Make way for the image of God”

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