Vol. 6, No. 1 (May 2006): Scripture and Democracy


General Editors
William Elkins, Drew University
Rachel Muers, University of Exeter

Founding Editor
Peter Ochs, University of Virginia

Introduction (1)
Rachel Muers, University of Exeter

Introduction (2)
William Wesley Elkins, Drew University

Papers from the Scriptural Reasoning Group, American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting 2005

Reasoning Through the Prophetic: A Reading of Isaiah 61, Leviticus 25 and Luke 4:16
Randi Rashkover, York College of Pennsylvania

Augustine’s Readable City: Beyond the Politics of Empire
C.C . Pecknold, University of Cambridge

Islam, Liberalism and Democracy
Mohammad Azadpur, San Francisco State University

Nicholas Adams, University of Edinburgh

Further Responses

Response to Randi Rashkover (1)
J. Ben Quash, University of Cambridge

Response to Randi Rashkover (2): This Land is Your Land
Willie Young, Endicott College

Response to Chad Pecknold: The Unity of Scriptural Reasoning
Martin Kavka, Florida State University