Vol. 7, No. 1 (January 2008): Spreading Rumours of Wisdom: Essays in Honour of David Ford


Editorial Chair
Brantley Craig

Editorial Board
Rebecca Rine
Sarah Snyder
Jeff Bailey
Jason Byassee

Guest Editor
Rachel Muers

Founding Editor
Peter Ochs

Rachel Muers, Mike Higton and Ben Quash

1. Reading Texts

Theology on the Road to Damascus
Ben Quash, University of Cambridge

The Irrepressibility of Scripture: Psalm 1 between Jews and Christians
Mike Higton, University of Exeter

Paul as Reparative Reasoner: Group Rivalry in Galatia
Susannah Ticciati, King’s College

Demand Feeding and the Desire for God
Rachel Muers, University of Leeds

2. Seeking Wisdom

The Many Names of Christ in Wisdom: Reading Scripture with Origen for a Diverse World
Tom Greggs, University of Chester

Cantus Firmus: Wisdom, Reason and Loves Congruence
Paul Janz, King’s College

A Non-exclusive Scriptural Reasoning on Christian Wisdom from a Chinese Perspective
Jason Lam, Institute of Sino-Christian Studies

The Catholicity of David Ford
Chad Pecknold, Loyola College

Peter Ochs, University of Virginia