Vol. 8, No. 2 (August 2009): The Roots of Scriptural Reasoning


Jacob Goodson
Brantley Craig

Managing Editor
Rebecca Rine

Guest Editor
Jason Byassee

Founding Editor
Peter Ochs

Jason Byassee and Jacob Goodson

The Use of Peirce’s Pragmaticism for Qur’anic Interpretation
Isra Yazicioglu, St. Joseph’s University

“Fire Enfolding Itself”: Jonathan Edwards, theMerkabah, and Reparative Reasoning
William J. Danaher, Jr. Huron University College

Repressing Novelty? William James and the Reasoning of Scriptural Reasoning
Jacob Goodson, College of William and Mary

The Clasp of the Catena; The Circle and the Diameter; or, How to Make Our Eschatology Clear
Chris Hackett, University of Virginia

Mapping Triadic Vistas: A Commentary on the Work of Peter Ochs in Response to Laura Batnitzky
H. Peter Kang, University of Virginia