Vol. 1, No. 1 (August 2001): Mysticism and Scriptural Reasoning: Messianism and Fulfillment


General Editors

William Elkins, Drew University
Kurt Anders Richardson, Boston University

Guest Editor
William Young, Loyola College in Maryland

Founding Editor
Peter Ochs, University of Virginia

A Word of Welcome
The General Editors

A Word on Wisdoms
William Elkins, Drew University

Editor’s Introduction

The Hope-Fulness of Scriptural Reasoning
William Young


“He is Our Peace”: The Letter to the Ephesians and the Theology of Fulfillment
David Ford, Cambridge University

Messianism in the Christian Kabbalah of Johann Kemper
Elliot Wolfson, New York University

The Reality of Tasawwuf In the Light of the Prophetic Model
Dr. Israr Ahmad


Fullness and Vagueness
Stephen Fowl, Loyola College in Maryland

Practicing Mysticism: Jews, Christians, and Muslims
James Buckley, Loyola College in Maryland

The Songs of Strangers
William Elkins, Drew University

On Knowing the End: Some Questions for David Ford
Lewis Ayres, Chandler School of Theology, Emory University

On “Messianism in the Christian Kabbalah” by Elliot Wolfson
Kris Lindbeck, Trinity College (Texas)

“He is our peace”: The Letter to the Ephesians and the Theology of Fulfillment by David Ford
Kris Lindbeck, Trinity College (Texas)

Pragmatism and the Limits of the Plain Sense
William Stacy Johnson, Princeton Theological Seminary

Eschatology and Social Ethics: The Limits of Typology
Barry Harvey, Baylor University

Negotiating Traditions and Transitions: A Response to Elliot R. Wolfson and David F. Ford
Robert Gibbs, University of Toronto

The Promise and Limits of Doing Scriptural Reasoning on a Christian “Rabbinic” Text
Stephen Kepnes, Colgate University

Jewish and Christian Intertextuality and Welcoming Islam
Peter Ochs, University of Virginia

Turnings within the Society for Scriptural Reasoning: A Response to Ford, Wolfson, et al.
Robert A. Cathey, McCormick Theological Seminary


Encountering Mysticism: Esotericism and Practice in Three Traditions
William Young, Loyola College in Maryland