Volume 15, No. 2 (November 2016): Special Issue on Interreligious Reading after Vatican II

Jacob Goodson

Associate Editor
Simeon Zahl

Managing Editor
Ashley Tate

Founding Editor
Peter Ochs

Jacob L. Goodson, Southwestern College

Scriptural Reasoning: Reception and Repair

New Plural Settlements: The Secular and Secularization
Nicholas Adams, University of Birmingham

Improving the Quality of Our Disagreements: The Potential of “Scriptural Reasoning” for Helping to Repair the World
Robert A. Harris, Jewish Theological Seminary

Interreligious Reading After Vatican II: Reflections and Responses

The How, What, and Why of Interreligious Reading after Vatican II
Claire Partlow, Saint Leo’s University

Scriptural Reasoning in the Context of Limited Pluralism: The Unique Challenges of a Roman Catholic Context
Sarah Bania-Dobyns, Case Western Reserve University

Between Comparative Theology and Scriptural Reasoning: An Evangelical Christian Encounters Vatican II
Andrew Massena, Boston College

“I Am Not a Prophet”: Ecumenical Dialogue with Definition
Geoff Boyle, University of Toronto

Interreligious Reading after Vatican II, with John Henry Newman’s Two Habits of Mind
Jacob Phillips, King’s College London

“For the Sake of Our Salvation”: Interpreting Dei Verbum, Art. 11, Fifty Years Later
Robert P. Miller, Mount St. Mary College

Book Reviews

Review of Gilbert S. Rosenthal, ed., A Jubilee for All Time: The Copernican Revolution in Jewish-Christian Relations
Emma O’Donnell, Lund University

Review of David Ford, The Drama of Living: Becoming Wise in the Spirit
Kirsten Guidero, Southwestern College