Call for Papers on Daniel Hardy’s Work within Scriptural Reasoning

The editors of The Journal of Scriptural Reasoning call for essays showing appreciation for and raising critical questions about Daniel Hardy’s work within Scriptural Reasoning.  We imagine three different types of submissions.  First, we invite submissions emphasizing the “Scriptural” aspect of Scriptural Reasoning, within Hardy’s work.  What role does Scripture play in Daniel Hardy’s Christian theology?  Does Hardy develop and point toward one particular hermeneutical theory for reading Scripture, or does his thinking provide ways to implement a variety of hermeneutical theories?  What is Hardy’s role within postliberal theology and/or the “return to Scripture” movement within the modern academy?  Second, we seek submissions that focus on the “Reasoning” part of Scriptural Reasoning.  How does Dan Hardy engage and learn from philosophy, or particular philosophers, for thinking theologically?  Does Hardy distinguish between philosophical reasoning and theological reasoning?  If so, how does this play out in his reflections on how we reason together within Scriptural Reasoning?  Third, we welcome submissions on Dan Hardy’s vision for the practice of Scriptural Reasoning.  In concrete and practical terms, what does Hardy desire for Scriptural Reasoning – as a practice – and for Scriptural Reasoners – as practitioners reading together?  David Ford has a particular vision for Scriptural Reasoning as a wisdom-cultivating activity, and Peter Ochs articulates the specific goal of Scriptural Reasoning in terms of peace-making.  What is Hardy’s goal or vision for Scriptural Reasoning and the relationships among/between Scriptural Reasoners?


Submissions ought to be 3,000 – 6,000 words in length; submissions should be double-spaced and include the following: bibliography, endnotes, and description of author.  Please submit your completed essays to Jacob.Goodson @ by December 31st, 2015.  If you have any questions about this CFP, or about the issue that will be published on Dan Hardy’s work in The Journal Scriptural Reasoning, please send your questions in an e-mail message to Jacob.Goodson @ and/or Simeon.Zahl @


The Journal of Scriptural Reasoning is an academic, on-line, peer-reviewed publication of the University of Virginia.  We employ a double-blind review process.  The description of the author will be removed for the purposes of review (please do not include signals of identity within the text or the endnotes).  The Journal of Scriptural Reasoning nurtures scholarly conversations between Jewish, Muslim, and Christian thinkers on the topics of hermeneutics, inter-faith dialogue, philosophical theology, religious ethics, and the significance of Scripture in the modern world.