Call for Papers on the Second Vatican Council and Scriptural Reasoning

The editors of The Journal of Scriptural Reasoning call for essays responding to the moral and theological proposals for new ways to enter into inter-religious dialogue, presented after Vatican II.  We, especially, hope for critical and reflective essays on the newly published Interreligious Reading After Vatican II: Scriptural Reasoning, Comparative Theology and Receptive Ecumenism (Wiley-Blackwell, 2013), edited by David Ford & Frances Clemson.  The description of this important collection of essays is: “Fifty years after the Second Vatican Council, controversy continues to surround this seminal event in Catholic Church history.  Debates about Vatican II’s legacy are intensifying whilst the challenges raised by our increasingly complex multi-religious, multi-secular society are becoming ever more pressing.  In Interreligious Reading After Vatican II scholars from within and outside the Catholic tradition discuss and perform interreligious reading in the light of the Council.  The volume focuses on two forms of study across faith traditions – Comparative Theology and Scriptural Reasoning.  Contributors also consider the relationship between interreligious engagement and Receptive Ecumenism within the Church.  The volume concludes with critically reflective responses from leading Catholic, Muslim and Jewish thinkers.  Thought-provoking and timely, Interreligious Reading After Vatican II offers rich insights into the theory and practice of interreligious encounters, and the continuing ramifications of the Second Vatican Council for such encounters today.”  We welcome essays written from the following perspectives: Jewish responses to the documents from Vatican II, Muslim responses to the documents from Vatican II, perspectives representing an inter-Catholic debate concerning inter-religious dialogue, Protestant (Anglican, Lutheran, and Methodist) responses to the documents from Vatican II, and philosophical (philosophy of religion) and theological (comparative theology) reflections on the language and logic of religious pluralism and Scriptural Reasoning.

Submissions ought to be 3,000 – 6,000 words in length; submissions should be double-spaced and include the following: bibliography, endnotes, and description of author.  Please submit your completed essays to Jacob.Goodson @ by January 31st, 2015.  If you have any questions about this CFP, please send your questions in an e-mail message to Jacob.Goodson @


The Journal of Scriptural Reasoning is an academic, on-line, peer-reviewed publication of the University of Virginia.  We employ a double-blind review process.  The description of the author will be removed for the purposes of review (please do not include signals of identity within the text or the endnotes).  The Journal of Scriptural Reasoning nurtures scholarly conversations between Jewish, Muslim, and Christian thinkers on the topics of hermeneutics, inter-faith dialogue, philosophical theology, religious ethics, and the significance of Scripture in the modern world.